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Community Wellness

Derby Public Schools offers various wellness incentives for staff and has a variety of wellness resources for students and staff. In addition to helping support student and staff wellness, we also have various community wellness supports including a One-Mile Walking Map, Playground Map, and various outdoor walking tracks that are open to the public.

Additionally, Derby has more than 25 miles of hike and bike paths throughout the community. View the City of Derby's Hike and Bike Paths page to learn more. 

Wellness Mile Map

Whether you take a walk before or after school/work, or during your lunch break, walking is a great way to increase your daily physical activity and relieve stress. Here you can find an interactive One-Mile Map around each school building. 

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ADA Playground Map

All nine of our elementary school playgrounds are equipped with an ADA-compliant play set accessory and are open to the public when school or school programs (such as Latchkey and PrimeTime) are not in session.

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Walking Tracks

Tennis Courts

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