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Pay-to-Ride Program

The Derby Public Schools Transportation Department provides ridership to approximately 1,700 eligible students who live 2.5 miles or more from their attendance centers, at no cost to the family. This includes 18 special education routes supporting students who receive door-to-door service from any location within the 50 square miles that make up Derby Public Schools.

We do have a pay-to-ride program that is open to families that live east of K-15 with students that attend Oaklawn Elementary or Cooper Elementary, and families that live west of K-15 with students who attend Derby Hills Elementary, Swaney Elementary or Derby Middle School. New for the 2023-24 school year is students who attend Derby North Middle School that live north of the school and east of Rock Rd. school of attendance must be your neighborhood school, transfer students are not eligible. The cost would be $300 per student or $550 per family for the school year (approximately $33 per month for a single student). If a family qualifies for free/reduced meals, they would be eligible for either a 50% fee reduction or a full waiver of this fee. If a student were removed from the bus due to disciplinary action no fees would be refunded. 

For those who live in these areas and are interested in participating in the pilot, please contact the Transportation Office at (316) 788-8450.