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Device Checkout Agreement

Students will be allowed to take home devices to support the district’s efforts to provide the tools to support the learning environment.

Care for Your Device

It is the student’s responsibility to care for the device while it is in their possession. This includes keeping it clean, charged, safe and secure. You may purchase a case, bag or slipcover for your device at your discretion. You may NOT mark on, affix stickers to or modify the device in any way.

Use of Your Device

All activity on the Device is subject to the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). You should not allow others, other than your family, to use the device. All activity on your device will be assumed to have been performed by you. Devices are pre-configured with security, filtering and monitoring systems that work at all times to secure district and student information and ensure compliance with all applicable policies, regulations and laws.

Restriction of Privileges

If a device breaks, the student may receive a loaner device until their original device is repaired. The loaner device will contain the same security, filtering and monitoring as the regular issued device. If the loaner device is broken, the student may receive another loaner with approval from the student’s family, teacher and technology department.  During this time, any violation of the rules set forth in this agreement, Derby Public Schools Board of Education Policy, or local, State and Federal laws and regulations may be grounds for suspension of privilege to use the device and may be turned over to the proper authorities for additional action.

Derby Public Schools reserves the right to modify this policy at any time