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Acceptable Use Policy


The purpose of the computer network is to support the curriculum, enhance the educational opportunities of students, and support the administrative efforts of Derby Public Schools.

Examples of Unacceptable Actions

  1. Accessing or attempting to access any computer systems with another user’s authentication information
  2. Disclosing your authentication information to another person
  3. Accessing any resource on the network through any means other than a district established personal login process
  4. Gaining access to other user’s data for which you have not been explicitly granted access by district personnel
  5. Storing, downloading, installing, or running any executable, program, app, script or macro which is not authorized by the district on a network server or district issued device
  6. Altering device settings in any way, such as, but not limited to wallpaper or screensavers
  7. Accessing any network resource for which you have not been explicitly granted access by district personnel
  8. Accessing DOS or any other command-line based terminal
  9. Creating or renaming icons
  10. Renaming system files, such as, but not limited to .ini, .exe. or .dll files or system folders
  11. Using the network for commercial/financial gain or fraud
  12. Accessing the Internet without teacher consent. (Not applicable for Derby High School)
  13. Forging email messages
  14. Posting anonymous messages/materials
  15. Harassing, insulting, threatening, invading the privacy of others, or using inappropriate language in any form of electronic communication or data
  16. Student printing without teacher’s permission
  17. Circumventing any network security system, such as, but not limited to computer management systems, mobile device management systems, internet filtering or device configurations
  18. Disrupting any network or computer systems
  19. Damaging, modifying, altering, destroying, or removing licensing labels from computer equipment
  20. Any act of vandalism to computer equipment
  21. Requesting, transmitting, or possessing obscene or threatening material
  22. Accessing or using social media during school hours. Students may not use district issued devices to take photos, images or video of people at any time without the person’s permission
  23. Student generated mass emails directed to district email accounts must be for educational reasons and must be approved by staff or administration

Kansas State Statute 21-3755

Computer crime; computer password disclosure; computer trespass.

  1. Willfully and without authorization gaining or attempting to gain access to and/or damaging, modifying, altering, destroying, copying, disclosing or taking possession of a computer, computer system, computer network or any other property.
  2. Using a computer, computer system, computer network or any other property for the purpose of devising or executing a scheme or artifice with the intent to defraud or for the purpose of obtaining money, property, information, data, service or any other thing of value by means of false or fraudulent pretense or representation.
  3. Willfully exceeding the limits of authorization and/or damaging, altering, destroying, copying, disclosing or taking possession of a computer, information or data, computer system, computer network or any other property.

Internet Use

Derby Public Schools has the right to restrict or terminate network access at any time for any reason. The district further has the right to monitor network activity in any form that it deems appropriate to maintain the integrity of the computer network.

Privacy Expectation

Users should have no expectation of privacy in regards to Internet usage, email or data files. The Director of Technology or designee has access to and may monitor any device, data or network traffic at any time for security reasons. The district retains the right to duplicate any information created on its computer network.

Compliance with Copyright Laws

The district will comply with all copyright laws as applied to computer software and digital content; this includes license agreements and/or policy statements contained in the software packages. Therefore, all software used on district computers shall be purchased by the district, properly licensed, and installed by Technology Department designated personnel. The legal or insurance protection of the district will not be extended to employees who violate copyright laws. Further, transmission of any material over the Internet that is in violation of any State or Federal law is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material and/or inflammatory material.

Unauthorized Use and Non Compliance

Unauthorized use or use not in compliance with these guidelines may result in one or more of the following actions:

  • Suspension of Internet access
  • Revocation of Internet access
  • Suspension of network privileges
  • Revocation of network privileges
  • Suspension of computer access
  • Revocation of computer access
  • Suspension of district issued devices
  • Revocation of district issued devices
  • School suspension
  • School expulsion, and/or legal action and prosecution