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Superintendent of Schools

Welcome to Derby Public Schools!

Derby Public Schools has a long-standing reputation for providing excellent education and a variety of opportunities for students. Derby Public Schools has nine elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school. Our award-winning schools are made possible by the incredible educators, administrators, parents, support staff and the entire community who come together to meet the needs of students.

Through a recently adopted Strategic Plan, as well as other district initiatives, Derby Public Schools is invested in collaborative efforts to systemwide school improvement. Our 2022-2027 Strategic Plan is designed to be a roadmap for the district and articulates a common foundation of expectations and goals in place to prepare our students and staff for success while placing emphasis on six focus areas:

  • Early Childhood-12+ Academic Achievement
  • Culture, Climate & Equity
  • Student & Staff Support for Special Services
  • Student & Staff Mental Health & Wellness Supports
  • Facilities & Partnerships
  • Personnel Retention, Recruitment & Development

The content of this plan reflects feedback gathered from over 800 responses to an online survey in the Spring of 2022; focus groups that included students, staff, families, community members and business partners; work of the Strategic Plan Steering Committee and Board of Education members. Development of the plan was facilitated by Hazard, Young, Attea & Associates. We are appreciative of everyone who contributed time and feedback to help with the development of this plan. Please review the Strategic Plan and progress updates in more detail. If you wish to serve on a committee for one of these focus areas, we would love your support! Please email:

We pride ourselves on finding ways to take care of our staff. From wellness benefits, employee assistance program, gym membership, entry to regular season school sports events for the staff member and their families and most recently, offering to provide bus transportation of their children from their worksite to their school site.

Here at Derby Public Schools, we are committed to being the why (#BeTheWhy). We want your experience with us to be a positive, memorable one and the reason you want to keep coming back. We will continue to strive to exceed expectations and provide a positive experience for all.  

Over the past 27 years serving in different capacities within Derby Public Schools from teacher, principal, Assistant Superintendent to Superintendent. I look forward to a successful year and engaging with our students, staff, families and community members. We have a great school system and a community that has many wonderful amenities for families with unmatched community support. 

Heather Bohaty
Superintendent of Schools

 Profile Portrait Photo of Heather Bohaty, Superintendent of Schools

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Derby Public Schools Mission Statement Derby Public Schools strives to create a safe and inclusive culture and a comprehensive educational experience that propels students toward their fullest potential so they can positively impact their community.