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Derby Transition Education Center (DTEC)

Derby Transition Education Center (DTEC) provides a vocational program that is designed to meet the needs of students who learn best using authentic tasks in a real-world setting. Students in DTEC develop the social skills and life skills required to meet the expectations as an adult seeking independent living. Students in DTEC also learn new job skills through guided experiences in community businesses with job coaching support.

Derby Public Schools has two programs designed to meet the needs of all our students with disabilities that have completed their core classroom requirement in the traditional school setting, and now need authentic work experience in work, recreational, and independent living environments to complete their education.

The objective of DTEC is to provide students with disabilities (18-21 year olds) real world experiences in a natural setting to prepare for a smooth transition from high school academics to adult life. 
Students in DTEC will have the opportunity to visit a wide range of businesses in the community, so that career choices can be based on the student’s strengths and interests. Students will intern for one-two hours daily in various job sites. Students will participate in various recreational and fitness activities through our partnership with the Derby Recreation Center. Students will also be provided a wide range of independent living experiences.

Many of these students will be able to participate in Project SEARCH after completion of the DTEC program while other students will continue to work on their skills in DTEC. Eligible students will polish these skills in order to become part of Project SEARCH.  Students have the option to remain in DTEC until their 21st birthday if goals have not been completed.

Contact Information

If you are interested in learning more about DTEC, or becoming a business partner, please contact us at:

Derby Public Schools Special Services
1550 E. Walnut Grove Derby, KS 67037
Phone Number: (316) 554-8004

Special Services Department