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Special Services

Special Services Department Staff

Dr. Dawn Gresham 

Director of Special Services

Responsibilities: Hiring, recruitment and staffing requests, legal issues and compliance, oversight of School Psychs, Nursing and Healthcare, budget/fiscal audits, oversight of State Reporting of Indicators, staff evaluations, manifestation determinations reviews BOE and district-level communication, state reporting

June Henkelman

Assistant Director of Special Services -Secondary

Responsibilities: Middle school and high school Provision of Services, secondary parent and staff concerns, secondary personnel and staff concerns, Transition Programs (DTEC, P. SEARCH), secondary 504s, secondary programming and extracurricular support, staff evaluations, oversight of Related Services, assistive technology requests, after hours coordination

Katie May

Assistant Director of Special Services -Elementary

Responsibilities: Early Childhood (EC) and elementary Provision of Services, EC and elementary parent and staff concerns, EC and elementary personnel and staff concerns, Project KIDS oversight, elementary 504s, elementary programming and extracurricular support, staff evaluations, private schools, oversight of Related Services, Extended School Year Coordination

Ali Sontag

Special Services Instructional Coach

Responsibilities: IEP and WebKIDSS questions, behavior consultation, professional development liaison, oversight of State Testing (KAP and DLM), Autism Intervention Team Leader, consultation and coaching

Allison Drassen

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Special Services

Responsibilities: Finance, purchases, requisitions, reimbursements, Project Kids, Paraprofessional training hours, Paraprofessional orientation, Infinitec programming, TrueTime and payroll inquiries, Homebound Inquiries

Angie Stater

MIS and Student Data Clerk

Responsibilities: IEP and WebKIDSS questions, files and paperwork, State MIS reporting, Records Requests, Compliance

Liz Zuiss 

Medicaid Clerk

Responsibilities: Medicaid questions, Medicaid billing and paperwork, Medicaid training, Medicaid Compliance, Medicaid data entry

Jennifer Daniels

Special Services Receptionist

Responsibilities Routes phone calls and incoming mail, assists with scheduling and department information, technology updates and distribution, Virtual Speech Primary Support Person: TOP and Faith Lutheran