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Meet the Officers in Our Schools

Derby Public Schools works closely with safety and security community partners. The Derby Police Department provides School Resource Officers (SROs) for our schools. In addition, there are two Adopt-a-School officers that primarily serve at El Paso Elementary and Swaney Elementary.

SROs and Adopt-a-School Officers are the first line of defense at our buildings and provide many services to our schools including classroom instruction on related topics. Police Lieutenant Caleb Rue is the Community Education Unit Supervisor. You may reach the assigned officers at their buildings or contact them through the Police Department with questions or concerns. If your student attends Cooper, Oaklawn or Wineteer Elementary, the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office serves these three schools.

Additionally, these officers work closely with the district’s Safety and Security Officer to cooperatively create and implement comprehensive safety plans. Meet our SROs and Adopt-a-School Officers!

Lieutenant Caleb Rue
Community Education Coordinator
SRO Supervisor

Officer Hale

Officer Nick Hale
SRO at Derby High School

Officer Christopher Hebberd
SRO at Derby High School

Officer Erik Donham
SRO at Derby Middle School

Officer Justin Malcom
SRO at Derby North Middle School

Officer Amanda Stitt

Officer Amanda Stitt
Elementary SRO at Derby Hills, El Paso, Park Hill, Stone Creek, Swaney and Tanglewood

Officer Emily Kindel
Adopt-a-School Officer at El Paso

Officer Stacia Taylor
Adopt-a-School Officer at Swaney

Deputy Jaime Converse 
Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office | Community Liaison Unit