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Community Partners

Derby Public Schools works closely with our safety and security community partners. Our Derby Police Department provides School Resource Officers at both our middle schools and at Derby High School. In addition, there are two Adopt-a-School officers that primarily serve El Paso Elementary and Swaney Elementary.

School Resource Officers and Adopt-a-School Officers are the first line of defense at our buildings and provide many services to our schools including classroom instruction on related topics. Police Lieutenant Caleb Rue is the Community Education Unit Supervisor. You may reach the assigned officers at their buildings or contact them through the Police Department with questions or concerns. If your student attends Cooper, Oaklawn or Wineteer Elementary, the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office serves those schools.
• Derby Police Department School Resource Officers
• Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office

Derby and Sedgwick County Fire Department personnel are frequently in our schools conducting safety inspections. In addition, they also offer training and student instruction. One of the major focus points for our Fire Department is to provide training and education to students during Fire Safety Week and provide students hand-on training on how to respond to a fire emergency. If your student attends Cooper or Oaklawn Elementary, Sedgwick County Fire Station 36 services both schools. Wineteer Elementary is serviced by the Wichita Fire Department.
• Derby Fire Department
• Sedgwick County Fire Station 36
• Wichita Fire Department

Another community partner who is behind the scenes is Sedgwick County Emergency Management. Our district works hand-in-hand with Emergency Management who provide severe weather updates and recommendations, sometimes days in advance so plans can be started but more importantly, immediate updates so that school closings, shelter-in-place tornado lockdowns and other emergency responses can be initiated in a timely manner. Sedgwick County Emergency Management also works with us to provide training for school staff and parents regarding emergency response.
• Sedgwick County Emergency Management