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Military and Family Life Counselors

Derby Public Schools is fortunate to have the support of three military and family life counselor (MFLC) in some of our schools that have a high military population. The duties and responsibilities of an MFLC Counselor center on support and non-medical counseling services for members of the military and their families. They provide counseling services and briefings to children and spouses of military service members during deployment, and offer counseling sessions to help the family prepare for separation during an overseas posting. An MFLC can specialize in counseling and development for children of military personnel, marriage counseling or help families adjust when they move to a new base.

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If you are a military-connected family who has a child at Park Hill Elementary, Stone Creek Elementary, Tanglewood Elementary, Wineteer Elementary, Derby Middle School, Derby North Middle School or Derby High School, your MFLC contact is below.

  • Wineteer Elementary

Mrs. Nancy Rasmussen, (316) 243-7776

  • Park Hill Elementary, Stone Creek Elementary, Tanglewood Elementary

Mrs. Perry Malzahn, (571) 341-0586

  • Derby Middle School, Derby North Middle School, Derby High School

Tamara Bailey, (316) 570-2538