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Teacher Licensure

Helpful License Links:
Look-up My License on KSDE

Instructions from Human Resources regarding new license renewal process:

KSDE has changed the process for a Professional License renewal (Form 3a), making it now an online process. By doing so, KSDE no longer requires signed, official transcripts to be mailed in, but does require the employing district to upload a pdf of all transcripts. You can print a pdf of your transcript yourself, directly from your Frontline (My Learning Plan) account and then send them to Jenny Ramsey, to upload to KSDE. Any college transcripts will need to be sent to her for upload as well.  Most colleges will send them electronically via email.  You can request them to email her directly.  

PLEASE be sure that your college hours have been entered and approved in your frontline PDC account BEFORE printing your pdc transcript. 

Once you have completed Form 3a and all of your transcripts are in place, your transcripts will be uploaded by the district and your license renewal application will be submitted.

Instructions from KSDE about new license renewal process: 

As of April 23, 2019, KSDE does ALL license upgrade and renewal forms through their online process. When you visit the KSDE website for your application for upgrade or renew, you'll be prompted to complete the online process. Once you submit your online application, the next stakeholder in the process is automatically notified (whether that be Derby, the university, or KSDE themselves). There's no need to contact the district to ensure your form "went through" because it's automatic. KSDE recommends you check the status of your submitted application through their license lookup webpage to see the status at any given time. If online payment is made by the applicant, a confirmation email regarding online payment is sent to the applicant after the application reaches KSDE.

The email that went out to districts on April 24, 2019 from KSDE says...

Form 3a – Renewal of a Five Year Professional License is now an online application process

If the paper application renewal process has already been started (connecting documents or application form) continue through that paper process.  Do not start over with an online application. 

Already familiar with the online application process?  Go directly to the login site.  Kansas Licensure Application System.


  1. If new to online application submissions review the General Instructions for Online Application Forms.
  2. On the License Applications webpage scroll down to see the numerically ordered list of application forms and find Form 3a. 
  3. Click on the link to the right “Review Requirements and Access Form” to get started on the process. 

Other Important Things to Remember about Kansas Licensure: 
• All certified employees must have a current Kansas license in the content area/grade level they are employed. 
• A Kansas educator cannot legally be paid unless the educator holds a license which is valid in the state of Kansas for the particular kind of work to be performed. (K.S.A. 72-2159) 
• Kansas licenses are a function of the Kansas State Department of Education located in Topeka, Kansas; not a function of Derby Public Schools. It is the responsibility of the employee to obtain and maintain a Kansas license. 

Important Change Regarding Fingerprint Requirements:
Effective November 15, 2014, Any person submitting any of the following will ALSO be required to submit AT THE TIME OF APPLICATION a complete set of fingerprints and the required fee:
• an application for the first Kansas certificate or license;
• an application for renewal of an expired Kansas certificate or license; or
• an application for renewal of a valid Kansas certificate or license, if the person has never submitted fingerprints as part of any previous application for a Kansas certificate or license.

Kansas licensure information is located online at or by telephone at (785) 296-2288.