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Derby 260 Staff Features

Michele Murray, Episode 6

Each staff member has a unique story. These unique traits, talents, skills and abilities come out in the things they do in their everyday lives and each day at Derby Public Schools.

Our staff members each have their own individual stories, showcasing a diverse range of traits, talents, skills, and abilities. These qualities are evident in their daily activities and are instrumental in shaping the educational experience at Derby Public Schools.

This video series aims to capture and highlight the distinctive aspects and strengths of our staff, which ultimately contribute to delivering exceptional education to our students.

We invite you to watch these featured videos to witness firsthand the some of the unique qualities of our staff.

Rex Schott, Episode 5
Roger Scovell, Episode 4
Tanglewood Legacies, Episode 3
Janine Youssef, Episode 2
Allie Tatrow, Episode 1