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General Information
Diversified and vigorous instructional programs create a vibrant learning atmosphere for Derby students. The Curriculum Department at Derby Public Schools has a variety of programs and people in place to help teachers integrate the district's curriculum into their classroom activities in meaningful ways. Instructional Coordinators work closely with teachers, align curriculum, review instructional materials, research innovative teaching strategies, design student assessment, integrate technology and help teachers to meet the diverse needs of all students.

Statement on Critical Race Theory
Derby Public Schools is in consultation with the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) regarding Critical Race Theory (CRT). We continue to teach our current curriculum which aligns to the Kansas State Standards. View a link to the current social studies state standards. View a statement on CRT from KSDE

All of Derby Public Schools are accredited with the State of Kansas. In addition, Derby High School is accredited through the North Central Association. As a part of accreditation, each school is required to have a data-driven school improvement plan which targets specific areas to be improved. Each of our schools has reading, writing and mathematics as areas targeted for continuous improvement. A district-wide School Improvement Steering Committee facilitates the improvement process.

Secondary School Course Classification System
Secondary School Course Classification System: School Codes for the Exchange of Data (SCED) presents a taxonomy and course descriptions for secondary education. The system is intended to help schools and education agencies maintain longitudinal information about students’ coursework in an efficient, standardized format that facilitates the exchange of records as students transfer from one school to another, or to postsecondary education.

Curriculum Department Contacts

  • Dr. Holly Putnam-Jackson, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning
  • Kelly Kitterman, Instructional Coordinator, English Language Learners and CTE Pathways
  • Wendy Karel, Instructional Coordinator, Language Arts and Social Studies
  • M. Claravon Mathews, Instructional Coordinator, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
  • Donna Cook-Lujano, Instructional Coordinator, Secondary Math and Secondary Social Studies