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Goal 6: Personnel Recruitment, Retention & Development


View Goal 6: Personnel Recruitment, Retention & Development
Progress Updates

We are committed to attracting, developing and retaining a team of staff who support our educational community.


  • Increase employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Provide competitive compensation packages for employees.
  • Explore and expand on innovative recruitment practices and initiatives.
  • Identify and attract a comprehensive talent pool.


  • By June of 2023, develop and administer an annual engagement and satisfaction surveys to identify ways to improve engagement, morale, support with summary reported back to the Board of Education.
  • By June of 2023, the district will define “competitive compensation” and identify desired improvements and priorities.
  • By June of 2023, the district will collect talent acquisition metrics and share with the Board.
  • By June of 2024, the district will conduct exit surveys to identify trends and develop and implement plan to address these trends.
  • By June of 2024, the district will identify “compensation and benefit” components, develop and disseminate materials that showcase our district’s and community’s benefits, and demonstrate efforts to improve affordability of the health insurance benefits.
  • By June of 2025, a presentation will be made to the Board assessing our Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Challenges (SWOC) related to identifying and attracting a comprehensive applicant pool.
  • By June of 2026, the district will identify employment gaps and the effectiveness of current processes to fill them as well as considering innovative marketing and recruitment approaches.
  • By June of 2027, the district will engage with higher education and continuing education to enhance and further develop pipelines and pathways to workforce development for current employees, Derby graduates and new-to-Derby prospective employees.