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Goal 5: Progress Updates

Goal 5

February 12, 2024 • Strategy 5 Update

At the December 5 meeting the committee met to review the entire list of needs and wants across the district that we have heard during the tours. We had discussions about the “standout” needs that were on the list, and discussed equity between buildings. We also reviewed a survey that was created in 2021 that addressed building needs. From the tours we did of other district facilities, we had discussion on funding and growth of the district to support these desired projects. Our next steps will be to have Chris Drum, Superintendent of the Derby Recreation Commission (DRC), present on the options the DRC has explored for a competition pool, this will be an important area for the committee to understand. We are nearing the enrollment time for the 2024-2025 school year, so counselors will continue to work with the Curriculum Department to encourage student shadowing in one or more pathways.

November 27, 2023 • Strategy 5 Update

The committee finished touring all of the facilities in the district. Swaney Elementary, Derby Middle School, and Tanglewood Elementary were toured in September. At this point the committee has toured all of the facilities and received feedback from building leadership on future needs.

The committee also toured facilities at Maize and Andover school districts. At these districts we visited tennis, baseball/softball, early childhood, natatorium and career technical education facilities. These visits were well worth the time and really expanded our thinking about these types of programs in our district.

Partnerships - a sub-committee met with representatives from Derby High School and the Curriculum Department to better understand partnership opportunities that already exist and how additional opportunities can be added to the mix. For example, the Operations department is working with Curriculum to begin shadowing and mentorship opportunities with our licensed trades that currently work in the district (HVAC, plumbing, carpentry, locksmith, welding). This is an exciting opportunity for our students and staff!

June 12, 2023 • Strategy 5 Update (Final Year 1 Report)

In March the committee toured the Grounds building, Bus Barn, and Central Kitchen. The last bond really improved the Bus Barn, and nothing additional is needed at this time. Central Kitchen is an amazing facility, but is really in need of additional dry storage and more oven space. The Grounds building needs additional indoor work space for equipment during the winter months, a new staff break room, a larger shop space, and appropriate restrooms for staff.

In April the committee toured El Paso, Derby Hills, and Park Hill. At Derby Hills the playground needs some work done to the dirt from erosion, office layout gives no clear direction for guests, the latchkey entrance gives too much access for visitors. El Paso has the smallest kitchen in the district and is in need of expansion. There are also some classrooms with no natural light, even though they have an exterior wall where there could be windows. At Park Hill the gym needs additional storage space, restroom and drinking fountains. They would also benefit from additional classroom/pod space to the pod that was not enlarged during the bond projects.

Also in April, the committee toured Cooper, Oaklawn, and Stone Creek. These are the three newest schools in the district and have no immediate needs.

That completes our tour of the schools in the district. Next year we will be focusing on touring some facilities in the surrounding districts, as well as forming a subcommittee to focus on partnerships.

March 6, 2023 • Strategy 5 Update

The Strategy 5 committee has started touring district facilities to learn more about the instructional spaces and needs for our students/district. The group toured Derby High School on December 6 and Derby North Middle School / Wineteer on January 12. All buildings and other facilities will be toured over the course of this school year. The focus of the visits center around the success of past bond work, continued upgrades that are scheduled through capital outlay, and identifying the needs of other areas.

Areas of concern at DHS include the needs for more space in culinary, parking lot needs repairs, orchestra/band space, lighting, continue lighting upgrades in the office area. Wineteer commented on their current project plans for HVAC, but other areas are good. DNMS had no big concerns with the building facilities, they are ready for growth and have plans for additional students. The DNMS parking lot is in need of repairs in the near future.

November 28, 2022 • Strategy 5 Update

On November 3, 27 members of the Strategy 5 committee met for the first time. We spent time doing introductions and did a deep review of what our committee will be doing and how success will be measured. We formed a small subcommittee to begin getting baseline data for current partnerships that are available to our students, and how many students are currently involved with one of these partnerships. The group also spent time sharing what made them want to be a part of this committee and what projects they are hopeful will come out in the master plan. This year we have decided to visit all of our district buildings (schools and support buildings) so the group has an understanding of the different schools - what makes them unique and what types of things might be needed at them. We plan to make monthly trips until all the buildings have been visited. Visits are being scheduled now.