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Goal 5: Facilities & Partnerships


Goal 5: Facilities & Partnerships Progress Updates

We are committed to continually develop partnerships and update facilities to ensure equity and safety for everyone.

• In collaboration with the city, develop and implement long-range (ten year) plan for necessary new facilities.
• Identify [and pursue] public and private funding options and partnerships for funding any new or remodeled facility.
• Task the budget committee and capital outlay (sub-committee of budget committee) to identify resources for smaller improvements.
• Expand partnership opportunities for student employment, internships, independent study, etc.
• Purchase any new land necessary for future facility needs and expansion.

• By June of 2024, the district has more student participation and community partnerships and internships.
• Beginning in June of 2024 the number of partnerships with more community employers to offer student internship opportunities increases annually.
• By June of 2025, a Master Facilities Plan and exploration of a demographic study will be presented to the Board of Education.
• By December of 2025, Board prioritizes and determines which master plan projects to fund, with smaller funding of smaller improvement projects built into the annual budget(s).
• By December 2025 the Board appoints a stakeholder committee to identify and pursue funding sources.
• By June of 2027, Board identifies and plans for purchases of new land for any facility expansion.