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Goal 1: EC-12+ Academic Achievement

EC-12+ Academic Achievement

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We are committed to strengthening academic achievement outcomes in Pre-Kindergarten through post-secondary to help each student find their individual success.

• Explore, improve and expand our early childhood practices, programs and services to reach more students.
• Develop and improve professional development and curriculum to address the needs of all learners.
• Improve secondary and post-secondary tracking and partnerships.
• Prioritize yearly Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) needs assessment and K-2 goals to identify and determine attainable school resources, academic progress and individual needs for each school.

• By June of 2023, a scope and sequence for early childhood curriculum will be presented to the Board of Education to ensure we are serving all students.
• By June of 2023, the district will identify roles of instructional coaches, department chairs and administrators for professional development. (Including Special Education).
• By June of 2023, the district will utilize current post-secondary tracking and revamp how we track and what success looks like for each student to include military service.
• By June of 2024, the district will develop and implement an annual instrument for obtaining feedback on value and impact of professional development offerings and the late start model and share the results with staff.
• By June of 2024, the district will integrate soft skills/employability skills into High School curriculum beyond freshman year.
• By June of 2024, a presentation will be made to the Board exploring funding sources to expand our early childhood/preschool model and/or partnering with existing preschools and daycares to increase services available for more four-year-olds.
• Beginning in June of 2025, the professional development evaluation instrument will show increases in positive feedback.
• Beginning in June of 2025, annual data reports will show an increase in the numbers of Pre-K students served by Derby Public Schools.
• By June of 2025, Derby takes a leadership role to work with the state and other school districts to implement statewide data collection of graduates who enlist in the military upon graduation.
• By August of 2025, the district will create highly relevant, specific, nuanced, appropriate and targeted professional development according to the need of the buildings and positions.
• By June of 2027, the district will engage the community to help students understand and obtain local career options and transitions to them via internships, apprenticeships, volunteer work and partnerships.