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Skylert (Mass Notification Tool)

Derby Public Schools uses a mass notification system called Skylert, which sends alerts in a matter of moments. In addition to emergency messages, Skylert is used to send general announcements, fundraising information, school closings, e-newsletters, attendance and food service notifications. With the exception of emergency messages, you have the ability to control the Skylert messages you receive by logging into Family Access in Skyward. Once logged in, you can select the type of messages and which phone numbers and e-mail addresses receive messages. If you are not able to log into Family Access, please contact your school’s secretary. Parents/guardians have the ability to set their own contact preferences. This ability is limited to their Skyward login. Other guardians will control their information under their own credentials. Please check your contact preferences in Skyward prior to the school year and updated as needed throughout the year. Parents may change the way they receive notifications through their Skyward account by following these steps:

1. Log into Skyward. 2. On the left hand side, you will find “General Information” in red. 
3. Second item listed under General Information is Skylert.
4. Click on Skylert.
5. Click on edit. (located to the right of the student’s name)
6. Make changes and click save.The changes will need to be made for each student.

Please allow 24 hours for changes to be updated.