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KAM Visit

Derby Public Schools actively engages students in activities geared towards College and Career Readiness across all grade levels. Whether it be early exposure to colleges and careers with special guest speakers, engaging field trips, immersive experiences or Individual Plans of Study (IPS), the district is committed to ensuring students are equipped with skills and knowledge to navigate their post-secondary options.

Various visits and activities are planned throughout the year as part of our district-wide effort to expose students to a variety of college and career options throughout each student’s K-12 educational journey. Below are highlights of some of these opportunities. In addition to these examples, there are activities planned for 5th Grade to visit the Butler Community College Andover Campus and 7th Grade to visit the Butler Community College, El Dorado location. Outside of field trips, some other examples are visits from various guest speakers, STEM nights for exploration and much more.

Aviation Exploration for 4th Grade 
A recent field trip took 4th graders to The Kansas Aviation Museum, expanding their horizons and introducing them to potential career paths. The students had the opportunity to use flight simulators, view parts of airplanes in various stages of construction, climb on board a working plane, and learn about the history and principles of flight. 

Inspiring Careers at Derby North Middle School
Derby North Middle School's Career Day featured Airmen from McConnell Air Force Base, inspiring students with insights into their vital roles and military life. Hearing directly from individuals allows students to gain a better understanding of various careers and provides the opportunity to ask questions specific to their own goals and aspirations. 

Hands-On Learning for 6th Grade
In Middle School 101 classes, 6th-grade students experienced the mobile WSU Tech Future Makers Lab. Through hands-on stations featuring welding, drone flight simulation, and operating a robot dog, students gained a preview of classes offered in high school as part of WSUTech's JumpStart program.

WSU Main Campus Experience for 8th Grade
Derby Middle School and Derby North Middle School 8th graders visited Wichita State University. They explored the WSU campus, heard about a variety of opportunities and how to prepare to be college/career-ready, and listened to a WSU student panel. 

College and Career Fair at Derby High School
Derby High School students attended a dynamic College and Career Fair with representatives from 20 institutions. The event served as a platform for students to explore diverse post-secondary avenues, including college, trade programs, certificate options, and pathways to successful entry into the workforce.

Student IPS (Individual Plan of Study)
In recent years, the Kansas State Department of Education made a requirement for students in public schools to develop an IPS. At Derby Public Schools students start their IPS in middle school. In high school, students expand on their IPS. As Freshmen, this work takes place primarily in their Reality 101 class. During the Sophomore - Senior years the work occurs through Homeroom in the form of required activities and assignments. One of the major pieces of the IPS is a program called Xello. Xello is the online, future-readiness program that students use to create their IPS at Derby Public Schools. Throughout the school year, activities and assignments are assigned through Xello that help students build self-knowledge and awareness; explore new careers, schools, colleges, and universities; and build achievable goals and plans. 

Community Involvement
Success in College and Career Readiness is a joint effort involving educators, students, parents, and the local community. Derby Public Schools values partnerships with the community, leveraging real-world experiences and connections to enhance students' readiness for the next chapter in their lives.

Derby Public Schools is not just educating students for the present but embracing our vision of every student, every day, preparing for the future. The commitment to College and Career Readiness reflects our dedication to empowering students for success beyond the classroom.