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Special Education Programs

Derby Public Schools offers a variety of Special Education Services for elementary-post high school ages. To learn more about each program and the schools it is offered at, click "read more" under each of the titles below. 

Placement for special programs is determined by Individualized Education Program (IEP) teams when the current placement is no longer sustainable due to the intensity, duration, or frequency of the services and supports. Each decision is individualized and IEP teams will work with their Assistant Director of Special Services to ensure special education services are implemented with fidelity in the student's least restrictive environment and, when possible, their neighborhood building.  The continuum of alternate educational placements includes instruction in the general education classes, special classes, special schools, home instruction, and instruction in hospital and institutions.  Contact your building administrator or assistant director for specific questions.  

For further questions, please contact the Special Services Department by phone, (316) 554-8004, or email,

Special Services Department Page